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Network Wins Last Ten Weeks to Eclipse Competition’s Million Viewer

Post-Super Bowl and Post-Olympics Lead

Wins Crown for 15th Time in 16 Years

CBS will finish the season as “America’s Most Watched Network” for the 10th straight season and the 15th time in 16 years. CBS passed NBC to secure the total viewer crown this week after NBC had built what seemed to be an insurmountable lead at the end of February following the Super Bowl and 17 days of the Olympics.

CBS is now averaging 8.98 million viewers, moving ahead of NBC (versus 8.95), which led by more than one million viewers as of Feb. 25. All numbers are according to Nielsen most current ratings through May 13. The Network overcame the deficit by winning the past 10 weeks on the strength of a primetime schedule deep with hit shows and top-rated nights.

The following are some highlights of CBS’ winning 2017-2018 season:

  • CBS has 15 of the top 30 “most-watched” broadcast series.

  • CBS has 14 time period winning programs, more than all other networks combined.

  • 14 series are averaging 10+ million viewers, more than any other network.

  • CBS has seven of the top 10 comedies – more than the other networks combined.

  • CBS has six of the top 10 broadcast dramas – more than the other networks combined.

  • All three series in the NCIS franchise deliver more than 10 million viewers.

  • YOUNG SHELDON is the #1 new series in viewers.

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